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August 2014

Why right now may be the perfect time for YOU to buy a home!

Excellent visual on the ‘steps’ to owning your first home and deciding if the time and circumstances are right for YOU.

Perennial Favorites: Traffic Dos and Don’ts

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One of the most frequent questions bloggers ask us — and themselves — is how to get more readers. In this post I wrote a year ago, I went over some of the basic things you should consider when trying to grow your audience. While there’s no secret magic formula (do share if you’ve found one!), I hope it gives you some fresh ideas to try out. And, if you’re looking for a more in-depth look at traffic and growth, you’re in luck: we have a free ebook devoted exclusively to that topic.

One of the main reasons bloggers stop blogging is lack of traffic: at some point, they get tired of being the proverbial tree in the forest, making sounds nobody hears.

We’re here to help. No list of advice can guarantee your blog’s success, but it’s important to be aware of the most critical elements at play…

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Creative solutions to tough backyard slopes in Colorado stats show surge in listings from May to June | Inman News stats show surge in listings from May to June | Inman News.

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